More new old tins


Tins are just fun there great when you find a good one with good subject mater and great graphics.

Now this tin is again in that category of a new tin that was a reproduction of an older tin. but what is old? Well “antique” is generally speaking, an object of considerable age valued for its aesthetic or historical significance. In the antiques trade, the term refers to objects more than 100 years old.”.

So next question is whats the difference between antique,collectible and vintage? Well a collectible is a term that describes valuable objects less than a hundred years old, and is used often distinguished from antique.Then we have the word vintage which originally applied to the age of a bottle of wine. This term was now being used to describe item that has come back into fashion and is less then 25 years old.

Now some are trying to lower the standard of an antique to items over 50 years old to be considered an antique. This definition would lower the standard to a point that dealers can sell collectibles under the name of antiques is this good or bad thing hard to say. As for our tin it falls in to a vintage “reproduction of an antique” by definition, but ether way it’s still cool.



Hershey’s Candy Tin


This was a cool piece its a great collectible and it has good subject matter with an iconic name! Now it is in pristine shape but it’s not that old. It was only made in 2000 now it doesn’t sound old but when you think about it it’s 17 years old!