Old things are new business!



The Millennial Generation is capitalizing on social media and a trend toward American-made products, and some of them are going back to the old ways and looking for the tools of the trade like the shoe repair business.

Some Millennial’s are becoming shoe cobblers and demonstrating a resilience against the throwaway mentality of our generation that it will be remembered for. Cobblers resole, stretch, resurface, reshape and reheel shoes. It’s not surprising that some shoe repairmen are thriving in this resurgence of the trades movement.

As pickers we all know where business is thriving, we as pickers can save some history and put it back to work again and make some money too. I think with the resurgence of the trades movement we can keep our trade alive too. Here is a good example I picked this cast iron shoe cobblers stand with a shoe form on it the other day and kept it from the scrap pile and I hope it finds it way back to work in a shoe cobblers shop. So remember keep yours eyes open for the gems and help put them back to work again and keep the trades alive!