Counterfeiting antiques some things are old and some just look old


I have been seeing a lot of stuff showing up at flea markets and so called antiques dealers that look old but are not. Like this jewelry box that showed up at flea market I went to recently. I found this dealer like most had a nice selection of antiques to chose from and priced appropriately and some new items for their person who just wants to decorate there house and they were priced appropriately too.

Then there were some items like this jewelry box  that were priced in the middle between the old antiques and the new decorate stuff. When you would asked the dealer about them they would say it looks old don’t know much about it. Its not what I deal in I just picked it up in a lot I bought.

Of coarse they will be quick to tell you every thing about the antiques and the decorate stuff. They seem not know much about the item and that making you feel like you just found the diamond in the ruff and you putting one over on the dealer. Remember to look it over good and pull out the drawers and look in side and on the bottom and as Latin teacher would say cveat emptor translation buyer beware!